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                Diversified Cooperation

                ZKTeco Wuhan Perception Technology Co., Ltd.

                ZKTeco Wuhan Perception Technology Co., Ltd.

                ZKTeco Wuhan Perception Technology Co., Ltd. strives to the development and innovations of HD network video surveillance techniques and AI intelligent solution integrations, with face recognition as the base, applies face recognition functions to various industries of security professions, and provide to the world high-quality products, professional solutions and the best technical services for the continuous value adding to clients. ZKTeco Wuhan Perception Technology Co., Ltd. advocates technical innovations, and has persistence to A.I., and has confidence in the unlimited potentials of this industry. In security professions, with the consistent growth and promotion of the establishment of safe city, surveillance points have been increasing from initially a few thousands, few ten thousands to now a scale of several hundred thousands, surveillance and access points have been generating enormous data. Meanwhile, with the development of the related techniques including HD video, smart analysis, cloud calculation and big data etc., security is stepping from the conventional passive defense to the orientation of proactive decision making and alarming, and is providing visible and smart solutions to more industries and groups. Thus more people have been emphasizing video and data and it shows the importance of video surveillance and A.I. analysis.

                The thorough cooperation of ZKTeco and ZKTeco Wuhan Perception Technology Co., Ltd. fully utilizes the mutually complementary advantages of their techniques, businesses and market energy, which create the best-quality biometric verification products and industry ecosystem chains, and more opportunities and conditions for positive development and cooperated innovations of biometric verification industry.

                ZKWewin(XiaMen) Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd.

                ZKWewin(XiaMen) Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd.

                ZKWewin(XiaMen) Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. is a co-founded company by ZKTeco and Fswewin  Co., Ltd.

                ZKTeco is a globally leading enterprise specializing in hybrid biometric verification techniques and development, and owns numerous industry patents and intellectual property rights, and widely applies biometric verification techniques to smart office, smart finance, smart traffic, smart security etc. and has service network globally distributed.

                Fswewin  Co., Ltd. is a team with year’s industry experience and has obtained biometric verification relation software techniques and product design ability.

                ZKWewin(XiaMen) Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. main combines their mutual advantages, focuses on consumption fields and technically outputs biometric verification chip-level module products. It mainly refines ZKTeco’s production of the entire biometric verification industry chains, and is specialized at the design and manufacturing based on algorithms, chips and module level units, and partially embedded terminal-level applied products. Specifically, Chip-level products include the combination of MCU and algorithms, and various biometric verification collecting / sensing chips; module-level products include chips and related control core, ZKWewin (XiaMen) Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. shall design and manufacture general and specific modules, and provide to other upstream clients in the industry and its own department for embedded device production; ZKWewin(XiaMen) Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd.’s own developed embedded devices shall focus on some new expansions of the present market application, including personal consuming goods markets etc., these markets are different from the ZKTeco’s present mainstream product, and will be a good market complement.